Year-Long Placement with Mariah, Silver Arts Award

In September 2015, The Dance Movement were joined by Willows School student, Mariah, to undertake a year-long placement contributing to the student’s Silver Arts Award. The Dance Movement have a relationship with the school as a result of previous dance sessions which made Mariah’s placement with TDM possible.

 Mentored by TDM’s dance artist, Nicky Norton, Mariah joined the team over the academic year working towards her Silver Arts Award through the development of skills in teaching dance at key stage 1 and 2, attending dance performances and writing about them, and learning how to dance herself.

Taking on a placemen student was a first for The Dance Movement. Mariah joined Nicky in shadowing and observing dance lessons in a local primary school, learning about body safety within a large group, the importance of warming up, dance terms such as traveling, levels, unison, canon etc…, exploring how dances can be created using a stimulus – stories, pictures etc…, and how to talk about performance and give critical feedback.

Speaking to Artistic Director, Rachel Palmer, she notes that, ‘Nicky Norton was key in Mariah’s successful year with the Company. She helped Mariah develop confidence and self-belief, something which was severely lacking when she first walked through the office door. Watching Mariah develop over the year, which included performing onstage and devising and teaching primary school teaching was such a joy’.