The Birth of Stars:  Digital Performance Project 2013

About the Project:  If light is used as a representation for life, what path does our light take as we voyage through life?  
The Birth of Stars was a bespoke digital light, sound and dance performance conceptualised by Rachel Deadman and Mary Branson in collaboration with Mat Clarke, Rosie Gunn & Nicky Norton.

The Dance Movement secured £15k funding from ACE to develop this work with a multi-generational cast aged 5 - 90 years, the work was live streamed.

The Birth of Stars was produced for G Live’s studio, a glass walled black box space.  It was designed so that the audience could view the work from the outside, looking in; as if star gazing - the work was also live-streamed via a partnership with South Hill Park. 

The project saw professional dancers perform alongside primary school children and teenagers to a binaural soundtrack featuring the voices of older people, which audiences listened to through silent disco headphones.

Choreography:  Rachel Deadman
Art Direction:  Mary Branson
Binaural Sound:  Mat Clarke
Dancers:  Aya Kobayashi, Sophie Artsall, Anna Jonas, Rachel Burn, Rachel Gildea, Hollie Park McGill
Choreographic Mentor:  Fiona Millward