Stuey B:  The Shadow Man Journey

Session 1 & 2

Stuey's Every Day People choreography project is inspired by an ongoing personal photography project he works on.  Shadow Man is a biographical project which sees Stuey photographing his own shadow.  Through the images he produces he playfully questions who is in control, the shadow or himself, and if the shadow then where does the shadow exist?   His initial sessions looked at establishing task based improvisations using mirroring techniques.

Sally helped Stuey develop tasks around mirroring.  The first two sessions were structured around the man and the shadow and the exchanging of these roles.

Session 3

Stuey's third session started with the sharing of a video he had created from the first two sessions with dancers Dan and James.  In the video Stuey had structured a journey which saw one dancer as a shadow following the shadow maker.  The shadow and shadow maker went through a transition which ended in them exchanging roles.  The transitional point was of interest for Stuey and was what he chose to explore in his third session.  Questions which intrigued him were:

What can happen when one form takes over from another? 
What happens in the middle before the exchanging of roles when the shadow maker meets the shadow? 

Session 4

Stuey began his final session by sharing the final recording he made from the last rehearsal.  His dance Shadow Man was constructed by three improvisations, he spent his final session fine tuning each section paying particular attention to the transformation stage where the man is seduced by the shadow and taken over by him.

Stuey was interested in finding a playful, non-aggressive, quality to this take-over, which he described as a seduction.

Seduction sɪˈdʌkʃ(ə)n/
a tempting or attractive thing.

"the seductions of the mainland"


temptation, attraction, lure, allure, call, pull, draw, charm, bait, decoy, magnet


Project Producer, Rachel Palmer described watching Stuey:

"Stuey had a strong visual sense of what he wanted the dance to be.  When he saw it unravel before his eyes in rehearsal he would get animated and direct the dancers verbally.  In the final session his confidence grew so much that he was up on his feet immersed in the heart of the rehearsal with the dancers, moving and shaping dance sequences."

Rachel's thoughts on Shadow Man:

The dance starts off with a playful investigation between man and his shadow; images of Peter Pan and his shadow are reminiscent.

Dancer Jemima Brown enters like a spiritual force of air and physically propels the shadow and the man to some other place.
Who is she? 
The shadow watcher; a watcher of shadows.
She orbits the shadow and the man playing with proximity and distance but always in reference to the shadow.  As the slippage happens from shadow to man and vice versa she quietly retreats as if pleased with what she has commanded.

Watch Stuey's dance as part of the Every Day People performance on Sunday 21st August, Farnham Maltings.  Book Here