Professional Performance Programme 2006 - 2019

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2006 - Doing, Done, Undone by Flexer and Sandiland

2010 - Flhip Flhop by Rannel

2011 - Banksy and Curtis James

2015 - Chalk & Of Land and Tongue by Theo Clinkard

2017 - Images by London Studio Centre

2018 - Beautiful by Sally Marie

2018 - Terra by James Finnemore

2019 - Shut Down by Charlotte Vincent

2019 - MASS by Robert Clark

The Dance Movement used profits raised through dance classes to present professional dance at Farnham Maltings between 2006 - 2018.  Upon building an audience TDM then approached Arts Council England for funds to present Shut Down and MASS as part of a larger programme of work.

This programme was made financailly possible through Farnham Maltings gifting the use of the theatre and providing a theatre technician at no cost to The Dance Movement.  In exchange TDM took the financial risks on all of the shows and led on audience development strategies to ensure audiences were healthy.

For Theo Clinkard's work and Vincent Dance Theatre's Shut Down, TDM drew the largest audiences outside of London on their national tour dates, which was was no mean feat!