Mary Branson, Trapped ... The Journey


I go to an island a lot in Malta called Gozo.

I lived there when I was in my teens and I’ve started to go back.

I go walking two or three times a year.

Along the cliff tops islanders hold songbirds in cages, the birds sing to passing migratory birds, luring them closer with their voices into the nets of the waiting bird trappers.

I was thinking about the guys who trap the birds, living on this island as being trapped, caught in this perpetual cycle of catching and trapping birds and I want to make a dance film which comments on this.

For her film Mary is using the three male dancers and one female dancer. 
The film will be edited with a split screen, one side showing the men, shot from a birds eye view, the other showing the female front on, being drawn forwards on her migratory route.


The men languid, oozing and waiting on the cliff tops for the passing bird, whilst the bird unaware of the danger gets magnetised towards the men. Mary will edit the film into a loop with filmmaker Gav Hoare, to show the ongoing lifestyle of this men, stuck in this cycle of entrapment.