Learn the 'Let's Dance Class'


Welcome to the Let's Dance Film Page, we are very excited about this challenge which promises to be an exciting event. The dance itself is based on various sports in honor of Sport Relief. 

The Let’s Dance Film is split into six sections and is designed to help you learn the class. The layout of the Let's Dance class is as follows:

  • The Warm Up
  • The Stretch
  • Learning the Let's Dance in Sections
  • Connecting the Let's Dance Sections
  • The Let's Dance Performance
  • The Cool Down 

The lesson must be followed explicitly on the challenge day and the instructor must be able to view the video in order to teach in synchronicity with it. This is a requirement of the Guinness World Records Team.

If you do not have a dance instructor and you are leading the challenge in school; you must project this film and have the students take part by following the instructions on this film; to qualify for the world record do not forget you must register with us as we have to send in two witnesses to adjudicate your attempt.

At The Dance Movement we are passionate about high-quality dance provision in education and our vision as a company seeks to help people connect with each other through dancing; we do this because we believe that when people get together to create, perform or watch dance their lives are changed for the better.

The Let’s Dance challenge is about using dance as a medium to work together to smash a world record and raise lots of money for Sport Relief.

If you haven't signed up to this yet, it's not too late email us now to register your school.