Leg-it Boys Dance Programme 2008 - 2020

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LEG-IT Boys Dance was set-up by Rachel Deadman following a start-up boys dance project developed in partnership with Kevin Owen, Head of Performing Arts at Christ's College School in Guildford in 2006. 

Through leading this initial project Deadman discovered a passion for working with lads and set about on a mission to get more lads in Surrey dancing.  Over a 14-year period Rachel inspired hundreds of lads to dance with some going on to take up GCSE dance courses and others taking their training further by studying at vocational dance schools and university degree programmes.

In 2017 The Dance Movement delivered an apprenticeship scheme to train up Guildford based dance artist, Sarah Covington, to deliver boys dance projects.  Following the close of TDM Sarah was invited to continue the legacy of the programme which she accepted, for info about boys dance projects in Surrey contact Sarah.

How was the Leg-it Boys Dance Programme delivered?

The programme was delivered through a series of interventions that all served to inspire lads to keep on dancing:

  • Ongoing weekly classes hosted by two secondary schools
  • Intensive holiday dance programmes where the pupils from both schools would come together to dance and have a sense of a 'boys dance community'
  • One-off masterclasses with male choreographers where the Leg-it boys could be inpsired by positive male role models
  • The Dance Movement would programme work by up and coming male choreographers, the Leg-it boys would get to work with them and then watch the professional show