Board of Directors

An elected Board of Directors meets quarterly with the Programme Director.  The role of the Directors is voluntary, each individual gives their time to ensure the Company operates fairly, within the law and stays true to its objectives and ethos.

Laura Robinson

Chair:  Dr. Laura Robinson joined the board Aug, '11.
Experience: Dance academia; Community dance; sports & dance; popular dance.

Keith Harris

Keith Harris:  Joined the board in Aug '15.
Experience:  Fundraising; charity; business & finance management.

Vikki Jones

Vikki Jones: Joined the board in Aug '15.
Experience: Youth arts; dance & theatre programming; arts project management.

Rose Rawles

Rose Rawles
joined the Board of Directors in 2009. She runs her own business with her husband, Bill Rawles Classic Cars.

New Directors: 

Fleur Evans, Helen Cundy, Stella Wiseman, Hollie Park McGill, Caroline Stancell & Victoria Bolton have recently joined the board.