Boys Dance Residency with James Finnemore

The Dance Movement has been running a specialist boys dance project, LEG-it, since 2016 and delivering activity in South West Surrey since 2007.  This Summer we are running our first specialist boys dance holiday programme, which will be led by the inspirational James Finnemore.

So whether you are a lad who is new to dance or have been ‘secretly dancing’ for a while now, step into Farnham Maltings this Summer and get inspired, meet other lads who share your dancing passion – believe us, we’ve been out there teaching for the last two years and there are quite a few guys who love to groove!

Workshop Details:
Tuesday 8th – Friday 11th August
9am – 1.30pm

Farnham Maltings, Tindle Studio

Cost £80

Ages: 10 – 18 years

Booking: Email

The Dance Movement is committed to providing affordable dance programmes,

if you are unable to meet the cost of this workshop contact Rachel at the email address above.


Want to get involved in our boys dance project?  Click through to find more information about Legit Boys Dance.