Vessels – Using the Body to Create Art

‘VESSELS’ is (The Dance Movement‘s) educational community youth arts project currently taking place at 40 Degreez youth centre in Farnham, it is being led by choreographer Nicky Norton.  The project is investigating the ‘physical actions’ the body makes when creating art. These movements are then used as a source of inspiration for creating new art works with the young artists.

So far they have looked at:
Fine Art – In particular ‘Free Drawing Techniques’ – they then created one giant picture with a variety of body parts.
Photography and Film –  which resulted in a video on a multitude of devices inspired by the recent music video from Brunettes Shoot Blondes Weaving – they learned a variety of techniques and weaved a multitude of recycled objects
Papermache – the group were so inspired that they’ve decided to make a life size papermache models as their final project, which will then be dressed in all of their artistic creations as an installation.



Originally posted  31 October, 2014.