Teaching the Thriller Dance

Rachel Palmer (The Dance Movement) writes about her experiences of teaching the ‘Thriller’ dance at G Live this halloween! We were invited to work with G Live to deliver this Halloween day of fun for young people in Guildford.  When I began planning the session I of course turned to the music video for inspiration and spent a happy hour or so learning the main choreographed sequence.  In order to keep the session fun and creative for the young people I storyboarded a number of scenes from the music video, which took the pressure of the children having to remember long sequences of choreographed movement. In keeping with the music video I began the dance with cinema goers sitting in rows, eating popcorn and jumping out of their skins at the imaginary horror film playing in front of them, they then left the cinema and wondered the streets stumbling upon children kneeling as grave stones before getting turned into zombies and dancing the ‘thriller dance.’  They finished the dance by attacking the audience (their parents). G live organised a fantastic make-up masterclass with Rose Perry, which meant that all of the children had their faces and arms adorned with blood, scars and wounds ready for the performance. The Dance Movement delivers Street Dance classes for young people in Farnham and Cranleigh, click here to find out more!



Originally posted October 31, 2014