Presenting Theo Clinkard at Farnham Maltings



It’s not often I gamble with money, but Theo Clinkard is a sure bet in my books!

 I have taken the financial plunge to support Theo’s latest work, his double bill, Of Land and Tongue, which is largely possible as a result of Farnham Maltings supporting the event and giving us the use of The Great Hall in-kind.  My bet is that I can sell 120 seats to break even, why I have placed this bet?  Because quite simply this man and his dancers are worth it.



Theo Clinkard has been carving a career as a choreographer under his own name for the past couple of years, I’ve been following his career since participating in one of his classes a few years back.  Theo is one of those people who gives and gives and gives.  If you get the chance to do a class with him, DO IT, if you get a chance to watch one of his performances WATCH IT, you will learn and grow so much from the experience.  My finding of Theo is that he is a human being who emits warmth and sincerity, his classes make you feel like a human not a machine in competition to be the shiniest and the best.  His dance works have a similar effect, they don’t flounce and show off for they have no need.  They are subtle, intricate and honest expressions which give you the opportunity as a viewer to reflect on the ambiguous language that is presented, internalise the information and make sense of it for yourself with your body.




You only need to follow Theo’s Facebook page to see how tirelessly hard he works to ensure his dance creations reach the world and I am pleased to be part of his journey by bringing this work to Farnham.

If you’ve been inspired to find out more about Theo, then book your tickets for the Farnham show and help me win my bet by breaking even!  To book tickets click here.  For detailed information on the show click here.


Originally posted March 21, 2015