Meet the Farnham Blooming Dance Team

Dance Artist Bec Edwards is working with Rowledge School on their dance as part of Farnham in Bloom.  Bec works for The Dance Movement as a freelance dance artist and teaches the breakfast Street Dance Club at the school on Monday mornings. Bec is creating a performance in a small woodland area along Borelli Walk, she is working with the theme of ‘Hip Hop Bunnies’!  Bec spoke about working on the project: “Creating a performance for an outdoor space is invigorating.  Our plants produce the oxygen we need to breathe and honouring them, by dancing amongst them in such a manner is a fantastic way to assist our young people in understanding and appreciating this.  I personally have always been inspired by nature.  If I feel stressed or have a creative block, the first thing I do is get out for a walk in the woodland or heathland areas near to where I live. This inspires me to free my thoughts and reminds me of the natural beauty of this world we live in.”

Nicky Norton is the Joint Artistic Director of Farnham Blooming.  On a day to day basis she is the Company Administrator of The Dance Movement and also leads on curriculum dance education in Primary Schools. Nicky ventured outside this morning to view her sites for her dance groups.  Nicky will be working in the Haren Friendship Garden with her students from Potters Gate Primary School and the Weeping Willows at the entrance to Borelli Walk with dancers from Perins School.  She spent a moment thinking how in three months time these areas will be donning their Summer coats of blossom and lush foliage and of course be bursting with dancers.  She snapped this beautiful image of the finale space for the performance, the entrance to Gostrey Meadows.


Rachel Palmer is the joint Artistic Director of the project Farnham Blooming, ordinarily she is the Programme Director of The Dance Movement leading on the creative direction of the Company. Rachel is choreographing sites for the performance with the Farnham Maltings youth dance groups and local secondary schools Weydon and Kings International.  She is very much looking forward to working with her groups to construct dances within the old swimming baths, now known as the Farnham Victorian Garden, Borelli Walk, where she will work with the GCSE and after school dance group from Weydon School to create a River Wey Water Dance and the Memorial Garden where she will create a Memorial Poppy Dance.


Hollie McGill LOVES cats, aside of that fact she works on marketing and research for the The Dance Movement.  Her job entails marketing events and projects, developing and maintaining online media presence and working with the Director to develop new areas of business relating to dance education in schools.  Hollie also teaches for the Company and is working with Bentley Primary School who will become buzzing bees and feature in the Farnham Victorian Garden alongside the Farnham Maltings youth dance and adult dance groups.


Suzie Jones works as a freelance dance artist for The Dance Movement, she is currently teaching the creative dance class at Badshot Lea Infants School and also covers curriculum classes for the Company at Potters Gate Primary School and Cranleigh Primary School.  Suzie is a wonder with Primary and Infant School children and is creating a special Farnham Blooming dance with this age group by creating a meadow dance with children from Badshot Lea Infant School, Hale School and St. Andrews.  Suzie is working on ideas of how to bring The Brightwells green area alive with life size flowers, giant daisy chains and fairy gardens.

Originally posted April 14, 2015.