Leg-it Dance Project

We are super excited to announce that, following a two years’ worth of funding, our boys dance programme Leg-it will be continuing! The boys programme was started as a way to engage boys in dance in an attempt to move away from the stereotypes surrounding dance and gender. Setting up a boys only dance project is not without its challenges. Unbelievably, still at the forefront is overcoming prejudice about boys dancing. Speaking to artist Josh Boyle, he says,

‘I got a bit of prejudice when I was in school with other boys who didn’t really understand it. A bit of name-calling and all that business, but that subsided as soon as people began to see me actually dancing I think. It made me feel a bit rubbish, but it was totally overshadowed by the love of doing it. The leg-it project is a fantastic way of encouraging more young people to engage in dance, building skills far above and beyond those developed purely in the classroom’

Open to any boy age ten or over, the after school clubs are run in partnership with two secondary schools, Weydon School in Farnham and Christ’s College. Each week the students work with different artists from TDM, focussing on performance, fitness, contemporary dance techniques and improvisation. All of which have been put to good use – to date the Leg-it boys have performed at G-Live as part of an evening with Ballet Boyz, The Farnham Maltings Big Dance Bus event, Farnham Blooming as part of the Farnham in Bloom competition, to name a few!

Rachel Palmer, Director of The Dance Movement, has been pleased with the project’s momentum, ‘I absolutely love enabling boys to dance, the energy the lads bring to the dance studio and their ability to take risks is so inspiring… I am so proud of the lads who signed up for this project… they work relentlessly to make the project the success it is’.


Originally September 21, 2016.