Dance Accord

Part of The Dance Movement’s objective in our community is to provide opportunities for aspiring dancers through assistant positions in educational settings, developing their skills and confidence in their dance practice. So, when TDM received funding from Active Surrey we were excited to set up a year-long dance programme, DANCE ACCORD in Farnham, Surrey.

The weekly sessions have been hosted in partnership with local school, Farnham Heath End School with students working with different dance artists from the company. These classes focus on fitness, contemporary dance techniques and choreography. A big part of this project, as well as our weekly sessions, has been the Arts Award. Arts Award is a range of unique qualifications nurturing young artists to grow in their talents. To achieve their Arts Award, young people are required to take on artistic challenges, experience arts events and to create a portfolio of their creative journey. This was an important aspect of the project, complementing TDM’s philosophy regarding developing artists.

The students spent eight weeks working with local primary school, William Cobbett Junior School learning how to teach contemporary dance to year two children. Following this collaboration, the two schools performed together as part of Farnham Blooming, the Farnham in Bloom Town Competition, bringing together different ages groups in our community. We are incredibly pleased to say that we took all the girls through their arts awards in the Summer Term, achieving Bronze.

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Originally posted 21 September, 2016.