Battle 2016

Battle 2016 was part of an annual B-boy/Girl dance event run by The Dance Movement in partnership with Frensham Heights School.

The initial event took place in March 2016 and was created with the view to offer a ‘true’ experience of street dance for young people who attend The Dance Movement’s street dance classes. Speaking to Artistic Director Rachel Palmer, she says, ‘Street Dance is in danger of becoming this ‘thing’ that we do in a studio in front of mirrors’. And Rachel is right, from my own experience, it can be easy as a dancer to focus on the way we look in a mirror during classes. Street dance, in some of its earliest forms, was about bringing something to a circle, a dance battle, for dancers to execute their performances quickly and efficiently, getting their best moves in before their opponent. Yet it was also a place to create discourse through political, expressive improvisation with flare. Its meanings have since developed and while battles in a social sense are still incredibly relevant, finding the essence of street in a class can be hard, it starts becoming this ‘thing that we do in a studio in front of mirrors’.

In this event, young people had the change to dance in a ‘battle’ style to live Hip Hop music by Scratch DJ Chuckie Steele, away from the confines of a traditional studio. The Dance Movement partnered with Frensham Heights School because we deliver street dance to their students, with teacher Bob Keane wanting to build on what was already offered at the school and to strengthen the relationship between the organisations.

Orignally posted September 21, 2016.