Meet our Six Every Day People

Prior to seeking investment from Arts Council England we wanted to make sure we could find people who wanted to take part in the project.  After putting a call out via the local press and Farnham Maltings we were over-whelmed by requests from people calling for more information.  In January 2016 we arranged a meeting for 10 people to meet with Sally Marie.  Out final six were chosen and we are really excited to announce them and welcome them on to the project.  We asked each of our Every Day People to write about why they wanted to take part in the project, here's what they said:

Stuey B - Photographer

I’m Stuey. I’m a photographer. My world is visual. I communicate in still images, simplifying my message within the boundaries of the frame. My work is two dimensional, but tries to stimulate the imagination in multiple dimensions. I’m used to directing the eye of the observer across my work. The opportunity to try and do all of this in three dimensions, with no frame, in motion, using just the talents of the dancers blows my freakin' mind!  
See what Stuey's been up to on the project so far:


Mary Branson - Installation Artist

I have worked as a visual artist on a number of dance projects, after the last project I was left wanting to learn how to choreograph some of my conceptual ideas into a dance piece. I also really enjoyed watching the choreographer work with the professional dancers, and liked the intimacy and dynamics of the small group.  I feel I have a dance in me that needs to be expressed!


Rosie Gunn - Digital Film & Screen Arts Course Leader (UCA Farnham), Photographer and Video Artist

In my own art practice I am interested in dance for the camera and have worked with dancers on a couple of occasions, but have never had the opportunity to create a piece of dance and would relish this opportunity. I have no idea what I would do, or where to start, but would like to be able to create something that explored an important issue with an element of humour. I would like to make something that would appeal to dancers themselves to interact with the idea but also to draw in an audience through humerous moments and possibly move them to consider something on a deeper level.
See what Rosie's been up to on the project so far:


Stella Wiseman - Journalist and Children's Author

I am Stella and I have tried and failed to learn to dance but I love the idea of dance as a way of expressing stories. I work as a journalist but write fiction for children in my spare time and I am fascinated to see how a story I had in mind for young children, and a challenging story at that, could be played out by dancers.  I think visually but I cannot begin to imagine how the words and pictures in my mind will turn into movement.

See what Stella's been up to on the project so far:


Charlie Betts - Visual Artist

In my work as a visual artist I explore the dialogue between painting and performance. I am interested in how we embody ourselves through space and time and my paintings and performances endeavour to capture traces of movement, gesture, direction and an essence of mood or emotion and energy. I have a real interest in dance and often use it to instigate pieces of work which is why I am fascinated by the idea of working and collaborating with dancers. I can't wait to get started!

See what Charlie's been up to on the project so far:


Jez and Debbie - Graphic Designer and Dance Lecturer


Jez:  I am a graphic designer and sometime photographer, I have a background in illustration and animation so my only experience of working with ‘motion’ has been a slow and deliberate process, so the opportunity to work in a much more immediate art form that involves creative input from other sources is very exciting, as is the chance to create outside of the screen in a three dimensional environment. I am also looking forward to working with my partner, through her I often see what an inspirational and involving process choreography is, just how much it gives back to the creator, performers and observers, I’ve often thought I would relish the opportunity to try it for myself, now that I do, I can’t wait to begin!

Debbie:  It’s a fascinating concept to let Jez into ‘My Dance World’.  I am really interested to see how Jez perceives dance and the art of choreography. This project will inevitably allow us to share artistic visions whilst learning about each others creative practice.