DANCERS Every Day People

Jack Sergison


I am very excited to participate in Every Day People; the values of inclusion by participation are very much in-line with what I believe dance can offer people.
I feel most people can have a better relationship with dance, this is a great invitation to include groups of people who may not have been exposed to performance before and allows a relationship to develop in a very open setting. 

I look forward to the challenge of being a facilitator for the Every Day People, every person will have their own story to tell and it's a fun proposition to accurately re-tell it with movement. It will feel like interpreting between two very different languages, or three.  Every person we collaborate with throughout the project will have their own expertise, interests and language that they work with. Seeing how artists, film-makers, photographers and writers work and look at the world will be so diverse.  I'm really excited to see how we will translate their ideas onto the body. What I feel Every Day People proposes the best, is that beneath the labels of 'what you do' it leaves the person exactly the same without the office-wear, or work jargon. Underneath our job titles, I can't but help think we're all Every Day People.

Daniel Whiley


Firstly I must say it is such a privilege to work with someone as driven and unafraid as Sally Marie. After working with her on Sweetshop Revolutions project I loved you and I loved you I can honestly say that she strives to give every single audience member an experience to remember and isn’t bound by ego or preconceived perceptions.

As a Dancer it is easy to get caught up in the prerequisites that surround the professional world. Ideas that fit the mold of perfect technique, impressive athleticism or past ideas.  Although the discipline of "dance" is long hours, rigorous schedules and unquestionable dedication the fundamentals of why we dance are the same for everyone, JOY.  

I am not a Dancer only when I am in the studio nor on the stage I am always a dancer, I am always aware. Dance is movement, Movement is life and the two cannot be separated they are intertwined.  "I dance when I’m happy. I dance when I’m sad, dance is for everyone to be had".

Jemima Brown


Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Jemima trained at London Contemporary Dance School graduating in 2015 with a First Class Honours.

Upon graduating, Jemima joined Joss Arnott Dance for the UK tour of 5/0 - a triple bill performed alongside Dame Evelyn Glennie and so far 2016 has been a very exciting year, going onto work with Tony Adigun (Avant Garde Dance) and now Sally Marie on this project Every Day People.

Talking about the project Jemima said:

"The idea of bringing together such an eclectic mixture of physical ability and expertise is both unique and exciting to me. I believe everyone has the right to express their creativity and have a choreographic voice - Every Day People with Sally and the collaborators provides such a unique platform for fresh and innovative work. The process of understanding another person's vision will be a challenging and insightful 8 weeks".

James Finnemore


As a dancer James has extensive touring and performance experience, working with Hofesh Shechter Company, Carte Blanche, Olivier Dubois, Gary Clarke and Punchdrunk. 

Alongside this, James has taught at various institutions and dance companies, delivering workshops and re-staging work from Hofesh Shechter's repertoire.

When discussing his role on Every Day People James said:

"I am delighted to be involved in Every Day People. I am really looking forward to going into the studio with a completely open mind and working with choreographers 'untainted' by the dance world. I think it will be a very interesting and rewarding challenge for everyone involved".