Move Inside 2011

Move (Inside) was created as a contemporary dance project designed to introduce young people to contemporary dance.

The Move Inside project provided young people with the opportunity to explore the idea of what it is to move, to be moved, and to move others in the context of contemporary dance. Over a ten-week period young people aged 11-19 from Farnham and its local schools worked with a team of 6 dancers, three professional artists and three apprentices, to develop dance and choreographic skills.

These schools included Weydon School, All Hallows Catholic School, Frensham Heights School, Farnham College, Abbey School and Ash Manor School, totaling seventy-two dancers.


The end of the project saw Programme Director Rachel Palmer bring together the groups to showcase a performance of the works created by the young people based upon the idea of experiencing what it meant to move and be moved, physically and or emotionally.The works were performed in an inside theatre space at Frensham Heights.

Move Inside received a £3500 funding grant from Sport Unlimited, a £1000 grant from South East Dance Project, Moving Voices, and a further £1000 from Farnham Institute, a local trust.
The project itself generate £490 in box office and jumper sales and £180 in other merchandise.