Commissioned by The Dance Movement Interpretari explored the relationship between live music and dance on stage, bringing together composer/musician Anna Tabbush and choreographer/dancer Jo Read.

The Dance Movement (TDM) and G Live have worked together since 2012. Part of their ongoing relationship sees TDM curating dance events in the Studio prior to Main House performances, with the aim of developing dance audiences at the venue.

Interpretari was presented prior, to the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra. It sought to bring a new experience for the classical musical audience. Interpretari was an opportunity for the artists Jo Read and Anna Tabbush to share their initial research. After watching, audiences were invited to feedback what they had witnessed in a dialogue with the artists.

The research was initiated by Tabbush’s concern with the increasingly common use of recorded music in contemporary dance and the affect this has on dancing making as a result. Interested in the possibilities of a musical dance collaboration, she partnered with Read whose background lies in choremusical relationships on stage. The research developed a work through music that was created in response to the dance and then directed by the dancer in a live performance.

Both artists maintained that there was no narrative when devising their work. Rather, through collaboration and the reading of each other’s movement, a language was created through improvisation that challenged their experiences of working with the others’ discipline.

This project was funded by Surrey County Council who provided £2000 for the initial research and an educational project in partnership with Alton College.

The educational project allowed the artists to work with students to share their process and to offer up a new way of working with dance and music.