Dancing in Space – UCA Creative Residency April 2014

Dancing in Space was the result of a creative residency devised by The Dance Movement in partnership with University of Creative Arts, Farnham.


The site responsive project highlighted the everyday spaces used by the students in an alternative way to investigate its use. Further, the project aimed to examine the relationship between the space and people according to its functionality and architecture.

The project employed two intentions; to create a dialogue with the occupants of UCA in order to gain an understanding of the people and the space that they occupy and to engage students in an artistic process.

The project saw The Dance Movement’s dancers Aya Kobayashi and Sophie Arstall collaborate with students from the Fine Art and Digital, Film and Screen Arts Courses.

Various spaces around the UCA campus were chosen according to their location, resulting in students encountering the dances as they travelled through the building. Hosted by Digital Film and Screen Arts Course Leader, Rosie Gunn, the work was approached through improvisational means which allowed for an honest reflection of the repertoires of space. The dancers’ responses were organic as a result of experiencing and questioning the space they were a part of.

The project cost £1800 and was funded through a commission from University of Creative Arts, Farnham.