Helping People Connect through Dance

The Dance Movment is a Registered Charity


The Dance movement exists to help people connect with each other through dancing; we do this because we believe that when people get together to create, perform or watch dance their lives are changed for the better.

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We deliver exceptional dance programmes that inspire and empower people to be artistic & expressive.  Our dance classes and projects are designed to help people develop personal, social and physical skills so that they might live fuller & happier lives.

At the heart of our work is the ambition to build a movement of people, from all walks of life, to whom dance is important, & whose interest will sustain and enrich our dance programmes from our home at Farnham Maltings, across the county of Surrey and beyond.

Rachel Palmer (Programme Director, 2017)



Let's Dance
Calling all infant, primary, junior and secondary schools
Our challenge for Sport Relief 2018

Upcoming Professional Dance Performances

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